Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost Explained... one of the writers. Even from writer to writer to producer to director you will get slightly different answers, which is the beauty of this show. It answers enough of the important questions to give you closure, but keeps enough mysteries to keep you thinking about it. If you've seen the TED talk by JJ Abrams, you'd know from the beginning that he wasn't going to answer everything. He has his mystery box and he's going to keep it closed forever. I had meant to post the TED link a long time ago but never got around to it. I think it gave a very good insight into how Lost would (and did) end up. Maybe if Hoy had seen it, he could have stopped watching Lost a long time ago knowing full well he would leave unsatisfied. There are folks that like superrealism , and folks that like abstraction , and many in between. There are folks that don't like art at all. Room in the world for everyone. It's an amazing feat to pull off a show that could keep so many people entertained for so long. Definitely there were wrong turns, loose ends etc... this thing was something like 120 hours of TV.. absolutely there will be mistakes. It's hard enough to keep a 2 hour movie under control, 120 hours is a nightmare. But taken as a body of work this thing ended up a masterpiece. Enough from me, I'm no writer, take it (or not) from someone who is:

Lost Explained

I'm looking forward to Goat's interpretation as well. Just because you intend that blob of paint to be a squirrel, doesn't mean everyone who looks at it will see a squirrel...


that's how i fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggg feel right now. Went from 2nd place to last in the mook with AK sooooooted vs TT, then shoved the last of my chips with KQ into AK. This was after hanging on through the worst 2 hours of card dead imaginable with only 2k in chips, building it up to a nice stack, then I brain fart. FUCK. I managed to do the exact same in the Dookie into LJ a little while later (while still severely tilting), but razz doesn't count. Whoever wins the Dook is a devil fucker. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I had a chance to get there.

***edit - to add a little more slightly sane info... I could have easily gotten away from the AK hand on the flop. There was no possible way I had anything other than 6 outs there, and 100% he had TT or JJ the way he played it. I KNEW this and *called* his shove like the complete monkey I am. It wasn't even a tough lay down... I flopped nothing, he shoves for most of my chips, bink - in the muck, next hand please! I'm still super pissed at myself for that... if I laid down, I'd still be in the top % and been able to make a decent run. I had been playing super controlled the entire time, then I brain lock and make a stupid move like that.

Having said all that.... thanks again Al for putting this on and good luck to those in the TOC!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Didn't even see this till now...

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Had the other badges up... will finally (hopefully) be able to play the Mookadank tonight... see you all there!

Who thought this sign was a good idea?

I went to the Metropolitan Opera to see a ballet performance last night. I'm standing in the lobby and bust out laughing. My wife gives me "that look", sees the sign and she cracks up (did I mention I have the greatest wife in the universe?) WTF were these guys thinking when they made this?

... And yeah, I'm at one of the most beautiful places on the planet watching an amazing performance, and all I can take a snapshot of is this sign. You can dress him up...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For Doc

I had forgotten about this job (I won't get into it... lets just say job from hell and leave it at that), but I had to recreate a couple of ferraris and a porsche. I might finish the animation for my reel if I have time this summer, if I do I'll post it for ya... tricked out Diem-Turner Ferrari from the U.S. Express (Cannonball run to the uninitiated....)

Congrats on the new purchase btw :) I know I'm a bit behind in my blog reading... very busy lately.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm working today (sunday) and in between things (I have a lot of rendering time) I pick a random netflix download move. Felon looks mildly interesting...(it was actually pretty good - Val Kilmer has come a long way and I'm starting to respect him as an actor... I'm sure he's been waiting his whole life to hear that, but anyway...) I start watching and there's Michael Dawson from Lost as the head prison guard. He was actually much better in this than he ever was in Lost...

Start another render a while later, throw on a Korean movie called Shiri and what the fuck... there's Sun.

I guess I should be watching the Lost finale right now as I'm sure I'm fucking up my Darhma, but as I'm nowhere near a TV, I'll have to wait until it's on Hulu or just download it later this week, but what a weird coincidence to see 2 losties in 2 completely disparate movies in the same night as the end of it all.... or is it?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BBT #5 - PTR 5/3/10

At work until 2:30 last night, no time for the PTR. Which is too bad, I wanted to use up my step 3 ticket :) Didn't even have time to listen to BDR as I had to get comps out and needed to focus. Congrats to OssssSUuuuuuu.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010



Drinking and playing again. You'd think I'd of learnt by now. My obvious hatred of money knows no bounds. Work like a motherfucker all week, have a couple beers, jump onto full tilt tired as hell, blow 500 bucks, rinse, wash, repeat. I looked at my hand histories today. I wish I could play against a fish like me every session, I'd be rich.

Happy birthday, me.

That is all.