Saturday, January 30, 2010

WBCOOP Event 6

210/1939 (153 paid)
Deep run, but sat at crazy table the whole time. Both SB and BB were shovers, even at 15/30 blinds. Awesome. Couldn't bring myself to call off with ATo or Q9o, so I just had to wait it out. JJ held, AA held, dude with 30k chips (to my 6k) got moved to my right and shoved (and got there) about a billion times. Again, I had to carefully pick my spots while receiving nothing for cards. Finally shoved in MP with AQ, got called by KK, had a ton of outs but didn't get there, gg.

This was the only one of these I could make, I wish PS had varied the start times during the week. Don't know if I'll make tomorrows grand finale, but I'll try.

Was great chatting with Crash and Joxum over his blog chat thingie (check it out, it's free, and a great way to live blog)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let this be a warning...

Read Pauly's post here. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Jason Ho Trainwreck

I haven't looked up the 2+2 threads on this yet, but I started reading the Stox thread yesterday before this page of damning evidence was posted. Yesterday I had been thinking the entire thread was ridiculous, now my jaw is on the floor. I watched a few of his videos a while ago, and after a while couldn't stand his voice. They consisted of 50 minutes of rambling/mumbling and about 2 minutes of "content" that didn't seem all that informative. Not what I was looking for in terms of training.

I always wonder how people can get in this deep... now I know. Can't wait to see the movie. Hmmm... maybe a blaargh version is in the offing...

I can't be the only one that wants to see this...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Someone punched me in the nose...

Cut the side/tip of my finger off with an xacto knife, bled all over the place, wrapped it up with paper towel, still bled, made a rubber band tourniquet, still bled, sent a friend around the corner for some bandages, started feeling a bit lightheaded, wake up and the EMTs are there, the girls down the hall called 911 when they found me with my legs hanging out of the hallway bathroom. When the EMTs asked what was wrong, I held up my finger and said "I got a boo boo". The EMTs didn't laugh. Went to the ER later and bled all over the triage nurse. She sent me to a doc and I bled all over her. She packed it full of cellulose and wrapped it up and I didn't pass out again. I think I was sent to Super Weenie General. The guy next to me was in because a cat scratched his ankle.

I have ruined yet another date with my wife. My daughter was at a sleepover and my wife was on her way to meet me at the movie theater to see Avatar when I did this. I'm cursed.

The best part? I had printed out Small Stakes Holdem and was cutting a cover for it. My wife loved that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I finally have a stalker!

I watched the action while waiting to post at this table. It was obvious who the fish were (besides me, ldo) immediately. A few hands into the session this happens:

Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players

The Official Hand History Converter

SB: $73.35

BB: $24.95

Hero (UTG): $50.00

MP: $23.25

CO: $17.00

BTN: $16.00

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is UTG with Q of spades Q of clubs

Hero raises to $1.75, MP calls $1.75, 3 folds, BB calls $1.25

Flop: ($5.50) 4 of spades 5 of diamonds 3 of hearts (3 players)

BB checks, Hero bets $3.50, MP raises to $16, BB folds, Hero raises to $48.25 all in, MP calls $5.50 all in

Turn: ($48.50) 6 of hearts (2 players - 2 are all in)

River: ($48.50) 3 of spades (2 players - 2 are all in)

Final Pot: $48.50

Hero shows Q of spades Q of clubs (two pair, Queens and Threes)

MP shows 8 of spades 5 of spades (two pair, Fives and Threes)

Hero wins $46.10

(Rake: $2.40)

Dealer: blaargh86 shows two pair, Queens and Threes

Dealer: SadLonelyFishy shows two pair, Fives and Threes

Dealer: blaargh86 wins the pot ($46.10) with two pair, Queens and Threes

SadLonelyFishy: what an idiot

SadLonelyFishy: too weak to fold

He gets up from the table, but sticks around to yell at me some more.... not sure how he coulda gotten it in worse there, but whatever...


SadLonelyFishy (Observer): 86??? Your a phukin kid go figure

blaargh86: lol

SadLonelyFishy (Observer): Stupid punk fish

(I flop trip kings and get it all in)

AcesCracked: wow

Dealer: blaargh86 shows [Kh Kd]

Dealer: AcesCracked shows [As Ac]


Dealer: blaargh86 shows three of a kind, Kings

Dealer: AcesCracked shows a pair of Aces

Dealer: blaargh86 wins the pot ($33.50) with three of a kind, Kings

SadLonelyFishy (Observer): PURE LUCK

SadLonelyFishy (Observer): NO SKILL


AcesCracked: lol

SadLonelyFishy (Observer): yeah laugh stupid, cause u reall y have NO CLUE

Unfortunately, I was on too many other tables to pull a goat and chat back at him, but it was pretty funny while it lasted. 

As an aside, I haven't had to use my mommy's credit card to reload since last week.

yup, me tu, brutus

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mookie Cash

Read about it in SBC!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

December - Month in review

First off, starting the new Summer Bankroll Challenge (hey, it's summer in New Zeland, isn't it?). Of course I'm in perfect form, dropping about 2BI right off the bat... KK into AA, KK into 45 (yes, he cold called a frigging 3bet oop, shoved the flop with 4xx and turned a 4), and AA into flopped 7's. A cooler of a night and par for the course in my 50NL experience so far:

(graph is all 50NL hands played so far)

I'm way under EV, and having a hard time holding on to anything I do win. I keep blowing off $$ with bluffs that probably have very little hope of working at this limit - folks seem to call down REALLY light and I may not be taking my image enough into account. I'm going to play about 10K hands and review everything in HEM and see what sort of leaks I'm developing. I've taken a couple shots at 100NL and actually find it easier than 50NL, but that's only after about 1k hands. I even followed a guy into a 200NL game and played a few hundred hands there, which was stupid, as I'm not remotely rolled for it, but hey, the guy was a 90 vpip luckbox. I took a few bucks from him, and he sucked out on everyone else at the table and ran up to about 1000.00 before he left. Heh, I wish he had stayed....

December turned out pretty good overall:

17.80 bb/100 is something I can live with :) Now I just need my 50NL hands to start holding up...

Happy New Year all...