Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obviously a Reggie Watts fan

I've been passing this graffiti every day, and this post from Goat reminded me of what it was inspired by...
Just to the right (and down) is the place with the used washing machines.

Excellent NYT Poker article

Jungleman gets an interview. Swiped from Pauly's blog.

On the Blaargh front, I'm pretty much treading water after a few thousand hands at 25NL. I'm way below on EV, but also running some pretty silly bluffs/calldowns, and I've found myself playing too long and tilting (not spazz out throw crap around tilt... just spew my chips tilt). Gotta work on that (again *sigh*).

Gonna get my poker fix in while I can - I think I have another 6 weeks of crazy work coming up again.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smutley the cat for aides...

Crank it up and watch while your boss is standing over you....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting to play again...

Little by little, getting sucked back in :)

Won a 5.50 18 man a couple days ago, completely dominated the final table. When down to the last 4, I had 18-20k chips to everyone else's 2k. Got in good every time, hands mostly held, felt good.

Managed to work my way past 1k at 25NL, only playing once or twice a week. Managed to dust off 2 BI at 100NL last night (after getting down to -5BI at one point). Most of it was plain old bad luck: flopped trips go down in flames to runner runners twice, ran JJ into QQ on a guy that shoves with any pair... the usual stuff. Had a fish calling me down with draws and getting there almost every time. Made a couple questionable (read BAD) plays.

Got a str8 flush on an AAx board - didn't get paid, as the river that filled my str8 flush was a 4th club, the tightie managed to find a fold of what I assume was an Ace.

My big win for the night was on tilt management. I didn't tilt at all. When I started getting tired, I took a quick ride on my bike in the cold night air, came back refreshed. I didn't break, throw, mangle, yell or torture anything. I actually enjoy playing again.

As for bankroll management... it's non-existant. I'm going to take myself back down to 25NL for a while, even though I feel most comfortable at 100NL. 10BI is not exactly smart money management.