Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home game win

My stupidly insane work schedule isn't over yet. I have 2 more days before my final delivery of my final job. My friends on my floor wanted to get together for a bigger than usual home game, but I declined all week, since I'm under a lot of pressure to get this crap out the door. As it turns out, the game was right next door, and I couldn't help myself....

The whole floor is broken up into small pockets of design, web and motion graphics (yeah!) companies, and we're all good friends. Normally we only get about 6 or 7 people playing, we set the blind limits way too short, and it becomes a donkfest in a matter of minutes. I'm ok with this, as it gives the folks that don't know how to play a pretty good chance to take one down, or at least cash every once in a while. Yesterday 2 of the guys had their families with them (who all love playing poker), so we had a 10 person game. I set the blind levels to 15 mins (trust me, that's an eternity for these games) and flattened out the blinds so there were no big jumps until 500-1000 to 1000-2000, starting at 5-10 with 2k chips. I knew this would take around 3-4 hours to complete, but I wanted everyone to feel like they had some play time and get their moneys worth, and I wanted the folks that did know how to play to have a chance to actually play some poker.

I should play more during the day. I was awake, aware and playing well throughout. I quickly pinpointed each players style, and used the right moves against each, including folding to donk min bets from certain people, or re-raising the same from others. I successfully bluffed a good player that was playing too tight a few times, and when he couldn't take it anymore I held the nuts. My hands held when they needed to, and when they didn't I had the chips to withstand it.

Heads up lasted 1 hand. I had a 2-1 chiplead when my 77 aipf was in trouble vs KQ with a flopped Q. The turn of course was a 7. For once, luck goes my way. Had I not resucked, we would have been even in chips, and though I feel I have a slight edge, it would have been a pretty close hu match had it gone on.

Good to take one of these down, as the last few games I've been savagely brutalized by the new guy sucking out with all kinds of Kx and Qx hands. (I'm on to him - took him out early this time!)

It's now sunday afternoon, I overslept today from exhaustion from all the late nights I've been pulling, yet I'm still procrastinating by writing here instead of getting through my shotlist. Guess I better get to it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why didn't anyone tell me....

You have to use TWO hole cards in PLO... wtf is with that shit??? LOL, what a moron I am - I was ready to go ballistic on FullTilt support.