Thursday, May 28, 2009


But not on purpose...

I only played in the BBT 3 times this month, and Final tabled all 3. Was hoping to be the dark horse in Hoy's predictions, but alas I had to settle for 3rd place in last nights Mookie.

I played pretty well early on, chipped up steadily, and had my big hands hold. At the final table I was doing well until Lucko (shorty) decided to call (after using up most of his time bank) my AIPF shove (AQdd) with 22. I hit the Q on the flop, but get rivered by the inevitable 2 outer. A little while later I take him back down with AA, then threw a beat on him myself when my A9ss spiked a 9 to take out his AQ and knock him out of the tourney. I freely admit it wasn't pretty, but I'll take what I can get...

After that, it all went downhill.... no other way to say it, but I played awfully when it got down to 3 handed. I basically gifted my stack to Queens. He was big stack and pushing the two of us around and I had absolutely NOTHING to push back with. After blinding down to about 30k I finally decide to stop and go with AQdd, but of course Queens insta calls with presto (and hits an extra 5 on the turn for good measure) and I'm out in 3rd.

Oh well, there's always next year. Probably won't be able to make the sunday games, so I'll take this opportunity to throw out a big thanks to Al for putting the BBT together.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FT #2!

Two final tables, two reall #!##@$% bad shoves... this time out in 7th in the brit 55 < AA. In my own defense, I had been getting 3 bet, 4 bet 5 bet, !@#$!! in the @ss etc, etc... from jimdniacc for the entire tourney, and with my powerful hand reading skillz, decided that the only time he had AA I would shame him by shoving over the top and sucking out. Unfortunately, the only thing sucking was me. Had a good time, though... drank lots of Samuel Smiths Lager in honor (or should I say honour) of my good British friends. (Well, I have no friends, but the Brits are far enough away that they can't so anything about it. )

Congrats to Aposec for taking it down... Smokee put up a great fight, but was outchipped and had an uphill battle.

Might not make it to the mook - gonna try my hand at the live donkey fests at foxwoods.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Final Tabled the Mookie for once, but spent my short time there fighting back and forth with Bam for short stack honors. I finally managed to get a few chips, but pissed em away shoving over the top of CMitch's raise with A8 sooooooooooted, who totally donkey called me with AK. How dare he call BLAARGH! with that crap hand for not very many of his chips.

BLAARGH not blog in long time due to world domination plans and bingo three nights a week. Will try to post more.