Tuesday, May 24, 2011

British Invasion!

I've been following a few British poker blogs for a while, entertaining, witty, funny, and one in particular all of the above, with a good dose of frightening reality thrown in. Would-Be has been fighting all manner of addictions and mental problems; gambling, drugs, sex (but we could hardly call that an addiction), and has been jotting down every gory detail, from the highest highs, to the lowest lows. Somewhere along the line he found time to travel across Europe to every major capital to raise money for charity. He did this with the rule that he would travel without a penny (sorry, farthing) to his name, and rely solely on the kindness of the people he met on the way. He lived to tell the tale, and write a book.

Well, now he's at it again, this time in America. All 48 contiguous state capitals in the 3 months before his visa expires starting this June. If you want to help out, donate a couple bucks here. You can get a pdf of his last book here (worth the 5 bucks *edit* now down to 1.99!), and his travel website is here. Here's the link to Would-be, but he left a message saying he's shutting the blog down. Too bad, I think, but either it's run it's course, or he doesn't want possible future helpers to find out what a degen they're housing :)

And just for fun, check out a couple of my other English favs:


And 2 of my all time favorites (besides would-be)
Gorilla Bananas (not a poker blogger, but funny and extremely well written)