Friday, December 31, 2010


Anyway.... busting my ass the last couple months at work. If anyone's seen Black Swan.... I did the titles and main on ends (end titles/credits).

Been stupid busy, but still had a couple minutes to play a few hands, and actually play live cash for the first time over thanksgiving. Went to Rivers casino in Pittsburgh with my mother in law. Pretty much nitted it up, got AA on my last hand and made a couple bucks.... was amazed at how much limping goes on live.... holy crap.

Hope all is well with you kids in blogger land - I'll be back in full blaargh force around the 15th when my latest job is done...


EDIT: btw - I completely realize the image above is pretty close to the worst bankroll management evah. At one point yesterday, I had just about every cent in my roll on the tables. It was too hard not to resist the complete crazies that came out willing to dump their entire bankrolls in my direction. Thankfully, I was able to withstand the inevitable coolers, and most of my hands held, and most of my reads were spot on. I won't, however, be playing 100NL again until I'm at least a little better rolled. Winning about 500 bucks yesterday helps put me in that direction though :)