Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stop looking at me, you freak.

3D Turnaround for Blaargh. not sure if I will stay in 3d, or go the 2D route, or even keep this design - still experimenting.... Definitely won't use the shiny look, but it always makes good eye candy... "Test drive the all new 2009 Blaargh, now with rack and pinion steering and extra stiff shift"


From mookie:

Right before the first break I passed up an opportunity to get a big stack. In a limped pot I flopped a flush with T7c on a Kc Qc 6c flop and led out. Another player on a shorter stack jammed and then a big stack shoved over the top. After tanking and momentarily forgetting that I was playing The Mookie, I folded figuring my flush was no good. Seeing the hands of the other two players brought me back to reality, the shorty had 5c 4c for a flush while the big stack had KQ for two pairs. Doh!

I'll out myself on the flush hand mookie talked about... been thinking a bunch about it, as I feel the reasoning I went through in the short amount of time before I had to act was somewhat solid, but the end result was that I shouldn't have been making that move at that time.

My first BIG mistake was limping in with KQss... I should have either raised or folded, and I even thought that to myself as I hit call... I think a decent raise would have definitely folded Mookie, and probably folded shorty, unless he was really in a gambling mood with his 54cc - but I had no idea how weak or strong either of you were - and by limping I didn't find out anyway... dumb move.

I don't have the HH with me, but I believe mookie made a 1/2 - 3/4 pot raise after the KcXcQc flop, then shorty shoved. My feeling was that shorty was weak and trying to pick up a bunch of chips on a scary board. I really had the feeling he was on a draw there and I was willing to gamble on it. If I'm correct, I'm 65% to win, if I'm wrong, I go down to 18%. I didn't know those numbers at the time, I just had to go with the gut on it.

Mookie was playing pretty tight most of the game, and I put my chances of getting him to fold to a shove pretty high. I think he would have checked the nuts there and wait for one of us to bet out, but instead he made the raise. I'm sure there are times where he would bet out the nuts, but I didn't get the feeling that was the case. I was correct on both guesses, but unfortunately shorty was weak with a made low flush, not a draw... cest la vie....

I came very close to folding, and I def should have, but I thought my evil plan had merit in the 15 seconds I had to think it through and pulled the trigger. Looking back on it, there was NO reason for me to risk those chips that early in the game, particularly since I felt I had a pretty good feeling for the table and was chipping up fairly easily. This is a BIG leak of mine lately, where I'll play good solid poker for a while, then all of a sudden blow up and take unnecessary chances when I don't have to. I bubbled the Brit game on Sunday doing the exact same thing, though my odds were a little better at 50/50, I didn't hit and was out soon after.

The worst part about that hand was I tilted in a major way right afterwards and bombed out right after the break. I still had enough chips to play with, but I made a couple more bone headed plays and that was that.

So.... the long and short of it - sorry I made you fold the best hand Mook.... hope this at least explains that there was some thought behind it, even if it was rather flawed. Trying my best, and love playing the mookie, so thanks for the tourney!