Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 months 2 million

These guys look a bit stiff in front of the camera (and why wouldn't they - I mean c'mon, when you get down to it they're a bunch of button mashing nerds - I don't mean that in a mean way either...), but it looks like the producers figured out ways to liven the whole thing up. Tilt room - lol.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

He makes more sense than most weathermen...

Mookie massacre

Played the worst game of poker in my life yesterday.... well, I'm sure I've played worse playchip games when I started, but at least then I had an excuse. Was finally home in time for the Mookie last night and looking forward to it. That always seems to be my first mistake... every time I just randomly log into a game I do well. When I spend all day looking forward to a game I play like an idiot. 

Very early on it folds to me in the SB, I make a standard steal raise, get flatted, don't pay attention to any of the warning signs, cbet the A high flop instead of shutting down. A third club hits the turn (I have hearts) and I intend on check-raise bluffing (see what an idiot I am?), but he checks behind. I definitely know he has no clubs and fire a near pot size bet on the river and of course get called by AJ for top pair on the flop. Just like that, half my stack is gone on an idiotic bluff. He thought about that river bet for a while, not sure if he was contemplating folding or raising. Either way, I couldn't have butchered that hand any worse than I did, and there was no reason at all for me to be making a move like that so early with crap cards and no real read on my opponent. 

From there I maintained my 1500 chips for a while, making steals where I could, but pretty much card dead. I finally get below 1k with I think 200 blinds and shove JTo from EP and I'm out to ATo. 

I'm pretty sure this was my worst showing in a Mookie ever. Need to think before I act. Been bombing out on the bubble of my last few 18 mans I've played as well - pretty much the same stupid shit. Time to get my act together and concentrate.

Played a few $2-$5 HU sngs afterwards, then decided to try a couple $10's just to see what the competition was like. WTF. Is it a standard thing in the $10's for idiots to monkey shove every f*cking hand? I played 3 different guys and they were exactly the same... it looked to me like they just wanted to coin flip for ten bucks. I ended up down $10 for the night and called it quits.

The good thing was.... no tilt. I was a bit disappointed in the way I played the Mook, but quickly shrugged it off + played reasonably well in the HU games. Even the $10 monkeys didn't get to me. Guess that's something...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Face the Ace

Mildly entertaining. Weird choice of a host, as Schirripa doesn't seem to know all that much about poker and seems kind of uncomfortable. I'm sure that goes away after a while as everyone settles into the show, but I doubt he'll get the chance for a season 2.

What bugged me the most was when Schirripa asks the pros "should he continue on?" it was painfully obvious that the pros were told to try to keep the contestants playing. Obviously the studio wants them to keep playing, as win or lose it adds more drama and more screen time to get to know the contestant better if he's personable. The chances of some random guy finishing off 3 pros in a row, even with the quick blinds has got to be pretty small. You could tell Ivy just wanted to say his lines and get the heck out of dodge. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it, as I don't know Lederer personally, but he looked like he had a struggle with trying to lie without lying by laying out the odds of the dude actually being able to pull it off vs the pot odds of winning.

The first dude got incredibly lucky and I think he knew that he was in waaaaay over his head. He made the right decision to get out while he could. No idea if the basement dude will pull it off, but even with the quick blind structure, I give him maybe 40%. He's pretty much playing his cards, and the pros are trying to bluff the unbluffable, but once they figure out that raise means strong check means weak, they'll have a field day.

The whole thing looks to me like deal or no deal, and plays pretty much the same. 

All in all, I give it a rating of "whatevah".