Monday, September 19, 2011

Really what I'd like to be doing....

I've been using my iPad for more and more things lately, I've barely used my laptop in the last couple weeks. I can now even remote in to my work computer and run final cut and cinema4D and actually get things delivered to clients. This is all pretty remarkable, but as I sit here tonight what I'd really like to be doing is PLAYING FUCKING POKER FROM THE COMFORT OF MY OWN FUCKING HOME ON MY OWN FUCKING IPAD FUCKING COMPUTER.

Fuck you US fucking government.

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  1. Now, PB, just calm down. Be patient.....and you still won't be playing online with doable tax and rake.

    Unless you were making a living online, try one of the semi-play money sites. Straight play money does not work.

  2. Which product do you use to link to another computer? What are the alternatives?

  3. Heya Crash... my little rant has more to it than just being able to play... I still have a cake account, but really I miss playing with the blog crew on decent software with awesome people. If UIGEA hadn't happened I'm pretty certain there would be an iPad version of Tilt and Stars. And it would be a joy to play on. I hate cake so much I just don't play anymore. I'm not looking all that forward to getting taxed and raked to death either. I guess I'm just bemoaning the death of poker life as we knew it.

    Mojo - I've been using Screens for iPad by Edovia software. It is worth every penny - it is by far the best vnc implementation I have come across. I've also started using it at my office, as I have a bunch of headless computers I use as servers and render slaves. What really stands out is the ease of control with gestures. The pinch zoom is instantaneous, making it very easy to travel around a large monitor and zoom into a button or dialog that needs more room for my fat fingers to press.